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It is difficult to find a person whose life would not have become easier after buying a car. In time to catch up on an important meeting, efficiently transfer loads, pick up the children from school – all of these routine matters are resolved far easier if you have a car.

But what if your four-wheeled friend’s engine is pinking? Who will help, whom to trust? In the Autofest technical service centre you will find reliable professionals, who will expertly check your car, carry out preventive maintenance and if necessary, repair all known malfunctions.

Maintenance Services
Oil Change
Filter Replacement
Breaking System
Belt replacement


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43 years

Stopped by at Autofest on the way as I heard a suspicious sound in the engine. It turned out that the belt was worn out. They ordered the part right away and it was delivered in 15 min. The replacement took no longer than half an hour. I will bring my car back if anything else goes wrong. Thanks guys for your good job.

27 years

Priviously, another oil was poured into my car, however when I first dropped my car off to have Autofest’s guys to take a look it turned out that all that time I’d been using the wrong one. Long story short, I had some problems because of it and now I am on the “right” oil. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my car but Autofest.

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Mob.: 0 797 018 19
Tel.: 022 025 292