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Repair of Any Complexity

The pride of our centre is high-class motor mechanics who provide qualified engine repair of any complexity to all Autofest customers. We guarantee any repair – from the engine bulkhead, in which faulty elements are disassembled and replaced, to a full overhaul.

Depending on the specific problem and condition of the car, our experts will offer one of the types of repairs your car needs. This can be in-line repair, in which parts are repaired or replaced, the resource of which is lower in comparison with the state of the main unit. Another type of repair is unscheduled, when the client is forced to contact us due to the sudden breakdown of the power unit and the need for recovery operations on the motor. Finally, a major overhaul, the need for which arises in connection with the exhaustion of the resource of the power unit with high vehicle mileage.

During overhaul, the engine is disassembled and cleaned, defects detected and damaged units replaced, crankshaft, cylinder block repairs, fuel and cooling systems in perfect condition. The objective of this stage is to bring the engine to a state as close as possible to the state of a new car that has barely left the factory conveyor. In the Autofest multi-brand centre, mechanics are well aware of the technical features of any car, each of the automotive brands that come to us. Therefore, engine repair is done individually, taking into account the characteristics and technical characteristics of each particular brand.

In addition, the specialists of our centre will help reduce the wear of the power unit, engine components and parts, in particular, due to timely maintenance and the use of high-quality materials and parts. One of the main advantages of the Autofest centre is cooperation with the world leader in the production of oils, the Mobil 1 Company. Replacing oils and oil filters at specially equipped Autofest stations with the use of original Mobil 1 oils guarantees your vehicle excellent technical well-being, and the engine – long and productive work.