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Trucks & Agricultural Machinery

Все виды автотранспорта

Most auto centres in Chisinau are involved in servicing and repairing only cars, and it is often not easy to find a service that repairs specific types of vehicles, such as light trucks, vans, and agricultural machinery.  

At the same time, the inability to fix commercial and professional vehicles on time results in much more serious consequences for its owner. If ordinary motorists who are temporarily left without their cars are experiencing natural inconvenience, owners of commercial vehicles suffer direct losses due to the fact that vehicles intended for business cannot be operated. If they are faced with the inability to find a professional auto centre on time and at the right price, the situation becomes completely deplorable.

Autofest multi-brand car centre offers comprehensive solutions for the diagnosis and repair of professional and commercial vehicles. The interior of our centre itself suggests the possibility of placing large vehicles on a sufficient number of lifts. We will provide diagnostics and, if necessary, repair any components of the chassis of professional vehicles, and we will promptly deliver all the necessary details that are almost impossible to find in ordinary centres. Complex parts of the chassis that are difficult to diagnose will not become a problem for our specialists – we will certainly find the cause of the problem and correctly eliminate it.

Professional Diagnostics

A similar approach applies to engine work. We will not refuse the owners of commercial vehicles in the case of both the most ordinary and the most complex malfunctions. Our experts not only have serious experience in servicing professional vehicles, but also constantly improve their knowledge, take advanced training courses, and work in accordance with the recommendations of manufacturers. Therefore, you can safely trust the Autofest centre with the diagnosis and repair of commercial vehicles, from light trucks to agricultural machinery