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After-Sales Service

What Savings Can You Make

Having bought a car from an authorised dealer, owners are soon faced with a problem as the warranty period for servicing is about to expire, as to what to do next? Continue service at the officials or look for a new more local service agency? So who do you entrust your car to and what savings can you make?

Choosing an official service centre does have its visible advantages. For example, the centre specializes in the brand of your car and has a direct connection with the manufacturer. However, the service features for the warranty period provide for a fairly narrow set of repair services, which, accordingly, affects the competence of service personnel in solving non-standard cases. Moreover, both in the case of warranty repairs, and during after-sales service, the officers in many cases do not offer repair, but replacement of parts, which, of course, will significantly increase the cost of work

Autofest offers a full-fledged and more profitable alternative to official centres regarding post-warranty service. We will carry out full-fledged maintenance of your car, starting with a comprehensive diagnosis on the most modern equipment. Check the functionality of the chassis, engine, all key components and assemblies. We will provide replacement of belts, rollers, we will check and adjust the cooling system, we will clean and refuel the air conditioners on modern equipment and we will carry out the necessary check and repair of the car’s electrical system.

In the event of a malfunction of the steering system, such problems with steering, steering wheel play, loss of hydraulic oil and others, we will be able to quickly solve these problems, ensuring the smooth functioning of the steering mechanism. Timely diagnosis and repair of the brake system is also quickly resolved by the Autofest staff. Replacing brake pads, discs and barrels, eliminating extraneous noise during braking and repairing the anti-lock brake system – these and other problems of the brake system are effectively solved in our centre.

As an official partner of Mobil 1, we guarantee a high-quality world-class oil change on oil change racks specially equipped in our centre, and all this at a reasonable price. Access to any parts at any time allows us to quickly and efficiently solve any problems found during the inspection or diagnosis of the car.

Individual Approach

Having professional expertise and experience in servicing all the automobile brands known on the Moldovan market, the specialists of the Autofest multi-brand centre have full information about their features and knowledge of specific “weaknesses”. For each brand, for each car, we have our own individual approach, our own after-sales service program, which we will coordinate with the client in advance. In those cases where the “official” agency will offered you an expensive, but optional replacement, we will provide high-quality repairs, saving your money and providing the necessary guarantee.