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Car sharing

Car Exchange

Car sharing, translated as “car exchange”, is a popular and at the same time growing tendency in many countries of the world. It means the type of car rental with daily and hourly, but most often with per-minute charging.  

Special Offer

With the help of a special smartphone application, the client finds the nearest car on the map and books it. From this moment on, this particular vehicle is at your complete disposal, in a kind of temporary ownership. You can choose options for per-minute or even daily billing, and then get into the driving sea, start the engine and drive in accordance with your plans. After the customer parks, gets out of the car and slams the door, the rental is terminated and the car becomes available for booking by the next customer.

Autofest plans to create one of the leading car-sharing networks in our country, with its own application, convenient and modern cars, high-quality service and reasonable prices. Follow our news.