Drum National R5 km7 45 mun.Chisinau


Where We Are?

The Autofest Service Centre is located in the municipality of Chisinau, along the Chisinau-Togatin highway and is in the ecological area with a picturesque view of the beautiful hills and fields. The very position here gives our customers a pleasant visual experience, complete with and ample parking area, where you can leave your car and easily transverse to any point in Chisinau thanks to regular shuttle buses.


You will be warmly welcomed by our receptionist and while your car is undergoing a preliminary inspection and diagnostics, you can comfortably spend time in our cosy recreation area, watch TV and enjoy an aromatic cup of coffee.

Our Center

Autofest is a multifunctional and multi-brand service centre. This means that our specialists will tackle any problem found in your car and guarantee timely and high-quality service of any car brand.

Autopart Warehouse

We have our own warehouse of auto parts for units and components of many cars, which means that you do not have to waste time independently searching and ordering scarce parts and waiting for repairs.

To Official Partners

Our official partner is the world famous company Mobil 1, which guarantees our customers uninterrupted supply of the highest quality oils and their professional replacement at specially equipped oil change stations.


In addition to the technical aspects of the work, we pay special attention to the convenience of our customers. During the repair work, our specialists isolate the interior elements with special professional covers and rugs, as a result you leave the Autofest Centre in a perfectly working as well as clean car, and in high spirits.