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Injector replacement, cleaning, and repair

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Injector replacement, repair, and cleaning in the car’s fuel system.

Where are we?

We provide a service – replacement, cleaning, and repair of car injectors at AutoFest service in Chisinau. Diesel engines are technologically complex devices that require special care and maintenance, including injectors. Injectors play a key role in delivering fuel to the engine cylinders, and their condition directly affects the performance, fuel efficiency, and environmental friendliness of your car.

Замена, чистка и ремонт форсунок

Professional injector replacement, cleaning, and repair

At Autofest, we understand the importance of proper maintenance of diesel engine injectors. Our experienced mechanics specialize in injector maintenance and repair and are ready to offer you the following services:

Injector diagnostics: Before performing repairs or replacement, we conduct a thorough diagnosis of the condition of your injectors. This allows us to accurately determine the cause of the problem.

Injector cleaning: If the problem is caused by minor deposits and contaminants, injector cleaning may be sufficient for their restoration.

Injector repair: In cases where injectors require more serious intervention, our specialists perform high-quality repairs with the replacement of parts.

Injector replacement: If injectors are not responsive to cleaning or repair, we offer replacement with quality spare parts.

Transparent prices and warranty

We value your trust and always provide a transparent price list for our services. Additionally, we offer a warranty for injector replacement and repair, providing you with extra peace of mind and confidence.

Take care of your diesel engine

If you are experiencing issues with injectors or simply want to ensure the reliable operation of your diesel engine, contact AutoFest service in Chisinau. Our specialists guarantee high-quality service and prompt troubleshooting. Our priority is your safe and comfortable driving.