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Replacing the power steering belt

To make an appointment for a replacement of the hydraulic power steering belt

Replacement of the belt of the hydraulic booster, hydraulic booster in Chisinau, in AutoFest car service.

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Steering is more than just driving. It’s the interaction between you and the road that makes every turn of the steering wheel smooth and effortless. However, when your power steering belt (PSB) loses its effectiveness, this interaction can become difficult and even dangerous. At Autofest, our car service centre in Chisinau, we provide professional services to replace your power steering belt for your peace of mind on the road.

Professional replacement of the hydraulic power steering belt


Before we perform a replacement of the power steering belt, our experienced technicians perform a comprehensive diagnosis of the steering system. This includes checking the condition of the belt, identifying wear and tear and any other issues that could be affecting its performance. Accurate diagnostics allow us to accurately determine if the belt needs to be replaced.

HPU belt replacement

At Autofest, we use only the highest quality replacement parts when replacing your power steering belt, ensuring the reliability and long life of your steering system. Our technicians are experienced in working on a variety of vehicle makes and models, ensuring a professional approach to the replacement of your power steering belt.

Transparent Pricing

At Autofest, we value your trust and that’s why we provide a transparent price list for all services, including the replacement of the power steering belt. We strive to make our services as affordable and competitive as possible, while maintaining a high standard of quality.

Why is the Replacement of the Power Steering Belt Important?

The power steering belt plays a key role in ensuring smooth and easy steering. If it is worn or damaged, it can lead to difficulty turning the steering wheel, poor handling and even loss of control of the vehicle. Replacing your power steering belt is an investment in your safety and comfort on the road.

If you have any steering problems, contact Autofest – we care about every turn of your steering wheel.