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Timing chain replacement

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Replacement of timing chain in AutoFest car service in Chisinau.

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The timing chain is another important part of your car’s engine, ensuring that the pistons and valves are synchronised. When it comes time to replace this key component, Autofest in Chisinau provides high quality services to ensure the reliable operation of your engine.

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Professional timing chain replacement


Before proceeding with timing chain replacement, our skilled technicians perform a careful diagnosis. We analyse the condition of the current chain, looking for signs of wear, rust or other damage. Thorough diagnosis allows us to provide you with a clear picture of the condition and offer you the best solution.

Timing Chain Replacement

Timing chain replacement is a complex procedure that requires a high level of skill and experience. At Autofest, we boast a team of professionals with experience working on a variety of vehicle makes and models. We use high quality chains, ensuring reliability and long life for your engine.

Transparent pricing

We value transparency with our customers and provide an honest price list for all our services, including timing chain replacement. Our goal is to make our services affordable and competitive while maintaining a high standard of quality.

Why is timing chain replacement important?

The timing chain, like the belt, plays a fundamental role in engine performance. A worn or broken chain can cause serious problems such as loss of piston and valve synchronisation, ultimately leading to engine damage. Replacing your timing chain on time is key to keeping your vehicle running smoothly.

Ensure reliable operation of your car’s timing mechanism with Autofest in Chisinau. Our experienced technicians are ready to provide you with high quality timing chain replacement service to keep your engine healthy.