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Oil change in the engine

We offer the service of oil change in the engine at AutoFest auto repair shop in Ciocana, Chisinau. Oil change in the engine is a necessary procedure to maintain proper car functioning.

Despite car manufacturers recommending oil change every 5-10 thousand kilometers, many owners neglect this procedure. However, this can lead to serious problems such as engine wear and reduced power.

Замена масла в двигателе в Кишиневе

A high-quality oil change in the engine is important

Our service center in Chisinau can provide a quality oil change in the engine. The price for oil change may vary depending on the type of oil and car brand. However, on average, a full oil change with flushing will cost the car owner around 50-100 euros.

During a full oil change in the engine, old oil is removed and replaced with new oil. The flushing procedure may also be carried out to help remove accumulated dirt and deposits in the engine. This helps to increase the engine’s service life and reduce the likelihood of breakdowns.

Proper oil change in the engine is one of the most important aspects of car maintenance. Car owners should ensure the regularity of this procedure and choose only high-quality oil. All of this will help to maintain the reliability and durability of the car.

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